Environ Acoustic
Design & Installation

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Concept, Design, Manufacture & Installation Services

Environ Acoustic specialise in providing a complete service to architects, mechanical and electrical consultants and main building contractors in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. We do not limit ourselves to the larger or easier projects and our speciality is arriving at custom solutions to projects which have been dismissed as too difficult or not cost effective.


We carry out background noise surveys using only top class instrumentation, including noise impact surveys, designing bespoke noise control packages to suit specific requirements, manufacture and installation of noise control packages, and finally commissioning of your project.


Environ Acoustic employ their own team of specialised professionals, to work on your enclosure design or steelwork. Our services include complete installation support, including providing transport and crane lifting services.


To begin your new enclosure quotation, please provide us with the manufacturer, make and model of the equipment you intend to install. Other information such as a location plan and acoustic report is useful – but not essential, initially. You can do this either by phone, or email by clicking the link below:



Using the industry-standard SpaceClaim 3D, SketchUp and RADAN 3D software, Environ Acoustic will create a complete 3D model of your installation, thereby providing you with a detailed specification – which includes noise performance data, airflow information, enclosure dimensions and a 3D render of the final construction, enabling you to have confidence in the final unit.


3D software enables Environ Acoustic to be more creative, and design & produce your new enclosures faster, making it possible for us to easily explore your ideas and solve problems in 3D, reuse and quickly edit concept models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis in a fraction of the time it used to take with traditional CAD. 3D software enables us the flexibility to work with any CAD data to create, edit, and prepare for high-precision sheet metal fabrication.



If you are happy with our enclosure details, a full quotation will be provided on request – this will include a full breakdown of supply and installation costs.

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